HEATHER ASHBY      Military Romance Author


"Love in the Fleet" is a four-book contemporary romance series published by Amber House Books.

Unforgettable (Book 4)

Heather Ashby & Maj. Christopher Bergeron, USMC (ret)

Meet the UNFORGETTABLE heroes aboard the USS New York

The 9/11 spirits aboard USS New York are back! Their mission: help Adam, Gwyn, Mike, and Cate find their happily ever afters—and stay alive. As the only person who can see them, Lieutenant Gwyn Pritchard tries to help the spirits move on to the light. That is, when she’s not helping Gunnery Sergeant Adam Connor heal from his PTSD—or falling madly in love with him.

Captain Cate Hawkins, has run from her unconventional childhood by becoming a Marine Corps pilot. But when a mission in East Africa goes awry, she finds herself in a race for her life. After burying the hatchet with Cate, Navy pilot Mike Nikolopoulos wants nothing more than to rescue his new love. If the spirits help him save her, they will be free to move on. But can Mike overcome a sudden fear of flying to find his way to Cate before terrorists repeat
“Black Hawk Down”—with a female American pilot this time?

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"My readers will love Heather Ashby!" --Suzanne Brockmann

"Heather Ashby has a gift for combining duty, honor, and happily-ever-afters!"  --Terri Osburn, Bestselling author of the Anchor Island Series 

Never Forget (Book 3)

**2015 Holt Medallion Award of Merit

"A must-read!" --Suzanne Brockmann

With 7.5 tons of World Trade Center steel
melted into her bow,
what if there are more souls aboard the USS New York
than the sailors and Marines stationed there?

And what if those souls can help the troops
defeat al-Qaeda this time?

   When Royal Navy officer Gwyn Pritchard reports for exchange duty aboard the USS New York, she is shocked to see 9/11 spirits roaming the decks. The daughter of a famous Welsh psychic, Gwyn learns the spirits must complete a mission
in order to pass to the other side.

   The only survivor of an IED blast in Afghanistan, U. S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant Adam Connor has his own issues. But when he discovers that the British officer sees ghosts aboard their ship, he becomes her confidant—and lover.

   Passions rise to fever pitch when the New York rushes to liberate British and American hostages in North Africa before al-Qaeda’s deadline. Can the spirits gather the right intelligence to help the Marines save the prisoners? Can Gwyn help the ghosts move on to the light? Can Adam and Gwyn find the love they’ve searched the world over for? Join Philip, Sky, Nick, and Mikey for this thrilling—and spirited—foray into international affairs.

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"Never Forget draws the reader in and never lets go!" --Rita Clay Estrada, bestselling author

Forget Me Not (Book 2)
**2014 Military Writers Society of America
**2012 RWA Golden Heart

   Suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome and survivor guilt, Navy helicopter pilot and renowned playboy Brian "Skylark" Crawford, swears he'll never marry. He refuses to admit--even to himself--that he doesn't believe he deserves happiness.
   After her Marine pilot husband is killed in Afghanistan, war widow and veterinarian Daisy Schneider vows to give her wounded heart only to animals. But work fails to ease her loneliness or the agonizing guilt she feels as she wonders if she could have saved the man she loved.
   Between one matchmaking rescue cat and a fiery battle with drug runners at sea, the fur flies as Sky and Daisy fight to resist their attraction and the dangerous idea that they might be worthy of a second chance at life...and love.

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"Kick the tires and light the fires!"
Forget Me Not takes readers on the ride of a lifetime

“Sexy, funny, poignant, and romantic!”
                                                                            Kieran Kramer, USA Today bestselling author

Forget Me Not takes flight with a dose of humor and suspense and reminds us all of the healing power of love for wounded warriors and the ones left behind.

                                                          ~ Cindy Dees, Award-winning author of Military Suspense

“Attention on deck! Strap in and prepare for a wild ride as hotshot Navy pilot Sky Crawford locks his sights on sexy Dr. Daisy Schneider. Author Heather Ashby, herself a Navy vet, rolls in hot with a perfect combination of fascinating military detail, heart-hammering action, and searing romance."

                                                                           ~ Merline Lovelace, USA Today bestselling author

“Heart-pounding, realistic action and deeply drawn characters make Forget Me Not an unforgettable read!”
                                                                          ~ Rachel Grant,  author of Body of Evidence

“Pull your five-point harness tight and brace for impact as sexy Sky Crawford pilots a Navy Seahawk helicopter and closes in on his targets. When it comes to terrorists, drug runners, and hot women, Sky never misses.” 
                                                                        S. L. Menear, author of Deadstick Dawn

Forgive & Forget (Book 1)
**Voted Suspense Magazine Best of 2013

   There's something about a man in uniform...but there's something about a woman in one, too. When Petty Officer Hallie McCabe meets Philip Johnston at a picnic, she is drawn to his integrity. He's a gentleman. But he's also an officer. From her ship. 
   Knowing that officers and enlisted aren't allowed to fraternize, Hallie conceals her Navy status, hoping she and her secret can stay hidden on their aircraft carrier until she can figure out a way for them
to sail off into the sunset together.
   Caught in an emotional firestorm, Hallie faces a future without the man she loves, a career-shattering secret from the past, and the burden of being the one person who can prevent a terrorist attack on the ship she has sworn to protect with her life. 
   Prepare to set sail for the Persian Gulf with a crew of 4,999 sailors and officers--and one terrorist
in search of his own kind of Paradise.

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Reviewers give Forgive & Forget a hearty "Bravo Zulu."

“Bold and steamy with a suspense taken from today's headlines and a love that breaks all rules.”
                                              ~ Cathy Maxwell, NY Times bestselling author of Devil’s Heart

“This exciting high seas adventure showcases a world of honor, duty, and selfless service. But most of all, it's a lovely example of how love conquers all.”
                                                 ~ Terri Osburn, author of Meant to Be (Anchor Island series)

“Heather Ashby writes authentic Navy stories with heart and a good dose of humor.”
      ~ Geri Krotow, author of Whidbey Island series and U.S. Naval Academy graduate

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